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October 28, 2010 by ensonli1987
Louis Vuitton introduced the new autumn and winter there, as always, look forward and surprise us, this fine imprint Qiu Dongkuan technology used, the main light Mature line, will be concentrated in the attractive interest rates fall classic in an elegant package type, no matter handbag, wallet or bag, are permeated with the beautiful autumn atmosphere, people fascinated.
October 28, 2010 by ensonli1987
Early Days (1854-1892)
1854 - Vuitton opens his first store in Paris on Rue Nueve des Capucines, founding Louis Vuitton Malletier a paris. Before his quality trunks, French philosopher, Denis Diderot & Jean Le Rond d'Alembert makes mention of a Malletier and his techniques about 140 years earlier. (1713-1784)

Vuitton began by selling flat-topped trunks that were lightweight and airtight. All trunks before this had rounded tops for water to run off and thus could not be stacked, it was Vu...